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[OUTDATED] Pink Agwu by swiftyuki

looks like you just mirrored the image. here is some problems with that.

firstly it messes with foreshortening. but in this style and pose it is not that noticeable. example in the image to the right, the inward foot is slightly forward, the way you drew the image to the left is slightly back relative to the body. the arm on the left would also be slightly bigger then the one on the right. This does not read correctly with the hips. Try stagering the image (one a little higher then the other) because they would not be on the same full line. it would add dimension to the space.

mirroring is a cool effect the first time you use it (and very useful in 3d work) but in 2d work, it is looked at as a bit over done and lazy.

color pallet is kind of bland. it is all on one end of the spectrum. try and add some complementary colors. you can use it to designate a light source, which will further increase the dimension dynamic.

I always am a proponent for drawing in 300 dpi. then scaling. it would let you add more detail ind have the eye less muddled.

Things i liked, you did do a good job on the initial proportions, and body movement! that can be hard to do. And you do have feet which most people avoid!
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